Rachel Roberts - Founder
Meet Rachel Roberts, yogini, writer, cruise director, and guiding force. Rachel is the founder of The Yoga Bar studios and Bija Yoga School + Retreats. She found yoga in 1992 at the recommendation of a naturopathic doctor who suggested asana and pranayama as a way to control her worsening asthma. Rachel traveled extensively studying under the leading teachers in Asia, Europe & India and returned to the US in 2009 to build a yoga community center in her hometown.
Erin Adkins
Erin was first drawn to yoga as an athletic pursuit. She found a love of teaching as a volunteer in Bogota, Colombia working with children. Later, It was the mindfulness learned through her yoga practice that carried her through deep personal trauma & grief. Seeking to share all she'd learned she completed Tribe Yoga's 200-hr course in Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation in July 2016 in Bad Mitterndorf, Austria. Scientist by day, she encourages others to experiment and explore on their mats.
Erica Correll
Meet Erica, yogini, adventurous traveler, & petite, positive powerhouse of eternal good energy. Erica lights up the shala with her ever-present smile and infectious laughter. Her classes are imbued with her vivacious spirit and will leave students feeling relaxed and happy. Erica is a 2017 graduate of the Bija Yoga School.
Donna Covrett
Meet Donna Covrett, a student of yoga since 1974 & a teacher since 1997. Donna works with corporate & private clients to build personalized holistic health programs, specializing in athletes and those recovering from illness or injury. Through functional movement, alignment, & other healing modalities, she provides practitioners with a variety of therapeutic tools to open energy channels, stabilize joints, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, & ease.
Trisha Durham
Meet Trisha Durham, yogini, mindful mover, teacher, and creator. A professional dancer and former PADI scuba instructor, Trisha has dedicated her life to movement and mind-body education. She founded Cincinnati Queer Yoga in 2014 and holds regular queer-positive, inclusive classes at TYB. Known for her smart, intentional sequencing and thorough, unrushed style, Trisha's playful classes will keep you engaged in both body and mind from start to finish.
Ian Forsegren
Britt Glenn- TT Coordinator
Meet Britt, yogini, cyclist, plant enthusiast, & coordinator of Bija Yoga Schools' Teacher Training. Britt is a lifelong runner who started yoga to prevent injuries. She found herself drawn to yoga's moving meditation, the deep peace of mind and body. Britt's classes provide space for self-awareness and positivity by pairing movement with mindful breathing. She is a 2017 graduate of Bija Yoga School.
Diane Mahoney
Meet Diane; yogi, wife & mother, pet lover & volunteer. Diane has practiced yoga for 15+ years and was moved to become a certified teacher while on retreat. Diane offers a nurturing , grounding practice which will leave you feeling centered and peaceful. Off the mat Diane enjoys volunteering for Parish Kitchen, Beechwood Marching Band, the Literacy Network and Family Promise.
Kurt Matthys
Meet Kurt Matthys, yogi, dedicated ashtangi, husband, father, yoga philosophy sage, and IT guru. You may have heard of Kurt's class spoken of in hushed, reverent tones, voices full of awe and wonderment. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone on your mat, to test your limits and expand your practice, to have your asana kicked every which way imaginable, check out Kurt's Yoga Adventure class. He also guides the TT's through deep Philosophy discussions, which are always open to all.
Jessica Meyer - Retreat Coordinator
Meet Jess Meyer, yogini, belly dancer, hula dancer, old soul, perpetual optimist and Bija Retreats Coordinator. Jess has been dancing for over 15 years and through yoga has found new movement and meaning to her dance as well as bringing new found mindfulness to her daily life. During Jess's classes you will be reminded to observe your surroundings, focus on your positive energy, and love your body for all the magical things it can do.
Lisa Snowden
Meet Lisa Snowden, yogini, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Fit Bodies Inc. guru, and new mama. Lisa generously shares the gifts of yoga as she travels to resorts throughout the Caribbean and Central America. She integrates her deep knowledge of Ayurveda into her beautifully led flows, and shares her wisdom through Ayurveda workshops and Bija Yoga TT. Lisa's classes focus on the breath and the lengthening of the spine through a dynamic series of movements that lead to stillness.
Amy Thornley
Meet Amy Thornley, yogini, foodie, TYB studio manager and a model of strength, grace, & courage. Amy found yoga in 2001 & from the first moments of deep breathing & guided meditation, her mind & heart were blown wide open. She knew right then the divine gift she had found & continued to feel the pull in the direction of yoga. After studying in various cities, Amy finally found her home at the Yoga Bar. Amy shares her kind heart & radiating love in each & every one of her beautifully led classes
Liz Stern
Meet Liz, yogi, wife, fur mama and knowledge seeker. Through yoga, Liz found a therapeutic tool that helped sustain her after the death of her first husband. Her teaching style emphasizes proper alignment and safety, guiding her students to listen to their bodies and more deeply connect with themselves. More than anything, Liz views yoga as a practice meant to increase awareness and encourage a more mindful and loving approach to life.
Meredith Wasson
Meet Meredith Wasson, yogini, adventurer, Southern girl, and radiant light. Meredith's deep connection to the Ashtanga Yoga system as a means of moving meditation, allows her to guide students through the same experience. Through her powerful teaching, Meredith encourages students to deepen their connection with the practice and to develop a more meaningful relationship with themselves. Her classes will leave you feeling revived and fulfilled with a sense of self-acceptance and optimism.
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